In a society where people leave the countryside to migrate to the cities, I felt the duty to document one of the last heroes that keeps maintaining his farm in balance with the nature: my father. I went to the Leirvik farm to document the symbiosis between my father and the farm. How each of them depend on the other and how, together, they are much more of the sum of the parts. When he inherited the farm from his parents for being the oldest son, he also inherited with it the principles of the generations that lived there before, the caring for the nature, the helping of the neighbor farms, the simplicity of life. All the effort that my father puts into cutting the old trees in the forest, keeping the deer population healthy and under control, fixing the drainage in the mountains and cutting the weed in the garden, rewards the farm with fresh water and wood for the chimney and rewards him with venison, berries, mushrooms, fish and a place of meditation.