An escaping from reality is the theme I have been working for many years. a grand affairis a project I aimed to connect this theme with my depression that I started to go through after losing my father. I inherited some money from him but because of his death, I have this mental disorder. So I decided to spend this money to pay off my depression. Thinking about an escaping, I came up with an idea of staying in a hotel, as that’s what people do when they ‘escape’; go somewhere and stay in a hotel. I visited expensive hotels and alternative places in London to experience the persona of different characters (such as a posh traveler, a journalist, a hipster) to become someone other than myself, to escape from the depressed self. I changed my makeup, clothes and bags, according to each character I was playing and area I was in. My book contains my drawings, writings, photographs, maps, information such as where, when and how much I spent.

a grand affair is my statement. This is what I do with my depression.