Trondheim Kunstmuseum - Gråmølna
May 15th - June 3rd, 2018

going across the street

Nine artists with seven passports walk into an art academy. Two years of study and collaboration leads to a show, provoked by the question: why will the students cross the road? Getting to the other side requires a coming together followed by an exit, propelled by a burst of energy.

gråmølna as station

An architect once called his design, which would become our space, “a GAS station that provides energy - as art does.” At first, a building that never seemed to stand still, its walls contracting and expanding with each new glance, felt a hazardous place to refuel. But before long, resistance and resentment, challenge and controversy gave way to an embrace. Today, we welcome you as GAS.


Gigantic Afterglow Show. Glitch Algorithm System. Gestures Associating Silence. Getting Angry Soon. Grey Adolescent State. Gravy Applicable Space. Gravel Against Schwank. Grunt Add Subway. Groovy Autumn Search.

GAS Jingle

(Jingle by Souped & Furnitured)