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Hasan Daraghmeh

The central Part of Untitled (in search of the image) is a One Channel Video Projection to the Edges of the Wall, which literally reflects the Space it is projected inside, in a continued digital repetition, perfectly matching the Corners of the physical Space it reflects.
Not endlessly, since at the center of the Frame a Character in multiple Versions is continuously carrying a small wooden Frame out of the digitally constructed Space of the Video Frame. The Visual is backed by an Audio Design that matches the site-specific installation, an ambient background presence that could be synthetic or could be a recording.

All the details of visual and audio are thus carefully edited to create a strangely filmic experience in the space, without any trace left of a film. The Installation as a whole consists entirely of frameworks - The White Cube walls of the museum make up the texture of the video, which in return put in perspective the repetitive empty space that is filled with a repetitive empty sound score, and over and back again.
Thus creating the perception of an endless loop of empty frames, both digital and institutional, filled only with the framework itself.
This loop is at the core of Hasan Daraghmehs practice as it captures the viewer inside the act of perceiving Perception itself.
A discrepancy that keeps alive filmic illusion at the same time deconstructing digital Reality that effectively questions the nature of Perception.
When Google searching for ‘in search of the Image’ I was secretly hoping to be linked directly with the work of Bas Jan Ader titled ‘In Search of the Miraculous’, which the Artist begun in 1973 but never concluded. Bas Jan Ader died prematurely in 1975 when attempting to cross the Atlantic in a one-man Yacht as the second part of this three-part conceptual piece.

The work of Hasan Daraghmeh did not digitally link to the conceptual romanticism of Bas Jan Ader's project, but rather to a meta-reflection of searching.
Never the less the uncompromising conceptual face-off with the existential framework is passed on from the unfinished search of Bas Jan Ader to
the ongoing search of Hasan Daraghmeh. A search into the nature of perception, that questions the image with the frame.

Jacob Jessen

Professor Material and Spatial Practices
Trondheim Academy of Fine Art